Living and Studying in Sweden – abroad at Stockholm University

Lena I01
Lena on Sandhamn, a little island close to Stockholm

It was already at an early stage of my bachelor programme, when I decided to spend my abroad. Two main reasons reinforced my decision: Firstly, I’ve always had the desire to see and explore as much as possible in the world and secondly, the positive effect an exchange semester has for my future career. After having a look at the list of ERASMUS partnerships of the Faculty of Biology, I quickly decided on Stockholm since they are offering a wide range of biological courses taught in English and also because Sweden is one of my favourite countries. With hindsight, I can say that this ex-change was a great experience and I would strongly advise everyone to take advantage of the ERASMUS offer! Besides a few problems with finding accommodation, my stay in Sweden was easy to plan. Both the Faculty of Biology in Münster as well as the Department of Biology Education (BIG) at the Stockholm University provide support with all kinds of prob-lems before and during the exchange. In Stockholm, I was able to acquire several positive experienc-es about the Swedish culture as well as the country itself. Although it was quite difficult to get in touch with Swedish students at the beginning, joining sport teams and other events helped me to come into contact with Swedes. Moreover, not only I got the chance to experience the Swedish way of living, I also made some really good friends from all over the world. In this way, I learned a lot about different cultures and garnered several ideas about which countries I may going to visit in the future. Living and studying in Sweden was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again!