Studying abroad at our partner university in Hyderabad (India)

Lena (in the middle) with the other exchange students

I am a student of biology at the University of Münster and me as well as four other students got the great possibility to go as exchange students to India as part of an external spe-cialisation module. The cooperation is between Prof. Moerschbacher (Department of Plant Biology and Biotech-nology) and Prof. Appa Rao Prodile of the University of Hy-derabad (India). This exchange was totally amazing, not only for the chance to get to see how research can be done in other countries but also to get to see another culture and another mentality. While in Germany everything is totally planned and fixed in advance, indians have this great metal-ity of improvising and be frank with everybody. I think I speak for all the German exchange students by saying that it was one of the most amazing and impressing things that we have done in our lifetime! I would advise each and everyone of you, if you ever get this chance, just take it!”

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